About Us

@ClinAnthro is a trans-disciplinary group of academics and clinicians. We focus on addressing international issues of social inequality, marginality and cross-cultural challenges in the field of mental health. We aim to do this though research, teaching, knowledge exchange, and innovative clinical initiatives.

Our work brings together social sciences and health-related theory, practice and research. It deploys insights from anthropology and other disciplines into social and health care settings. Our approach to human suffering and well-being is one in which we address local experiences on their own cultural terms first, placing individual and community narratives and needs at the center of our activities.

Local context-bound experiences of suffering and well-being are increasingly edited out by international movements and development initiatives who gloss over these issues by promoting global categories to be addressed by standardized “evidence-based” practices. Our work interrogates the validity of such constructs and promotes the need for ‘glocal’ approaches to these challenges.

Our research, clinical work, training, and consultancy, aims to alleviate suffering and promote well-being in diverse communities around the globe. We do this by engaging in the design of bold, imaginative and testable theories, policies and interventions based on local realities. We work from the bottom-up, directly addressing issues at the grass root level. We view the problems we tackle through the complex “ecologies” in which they are rooted. This provides an in-depth understanding of the interplay between locally-grounded experiences and professional vocabulary in a global context.

Our expertise lies in our ability to listen to and amplify the voices of people who have for too long been marginalised by society. The needs of people, communities and local organisations are the drivers behind of all our initiatives.